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Monday, April 16, 2012

food truck court

When I was in college, my regular breakfast consisted of a Philly Soft Pretzel and a can of diet coke that I would buy for $2 from a food truck that was in between my metro stop and my first class.

I realize that food truck fare has come a long way from hot pretzels and sodas, so I was genuinely excited to learn about the new FoodTruck Court happening at the Virginia Historical Society (428 N Boulevard) on Tuesday Nights.

Here are 6 things that I learned at the Food Truck Court:

1. Bring Cash. – I of course did not think that they accepted credit cards at the truck court, but I didn’t realize was how much a dinner from a truck would cost. I thought maybe $7-$8 per person, but that wasn’t the case. Expect to pay more like $10-$15.

2. Learn to love tacos. – The longest lines were in front of the not one, not two, but four taco trucks. I have had Boka Takos and am a big fan. They seem to be the most popular in the Food Court.

3. Don’t go if you are too hungry. – I know this sounds like a silly statement, but there are some really long lines at the Food Truck Court. If you are too hungry, you get cranky and that is no fun for anyone.

5. A short line means it is not worth the wait. – If you think you are being smarter than the masses by getting in the short line, think again. There is a reason there are no lines and some trucks and long lines at others. Some food truck fare is better than others.

6. Trucks are better for lunch. – This of course is my opinion. When I go out for dinner, I want a cocktail which obviously cannot be served in a parking lot. If you want to sit on the ground and eat a taco for dinner, this is the place for you.

Obviously, everyone’s experience at the Food Truck Court is different. I would prefer to catch up with these trucks in their natural habitat on the corners downtown during lunch time.

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