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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

libbie - grove

Does anyone call this area Westhampton or simply refer to it as Libbie-Grove? I feel like when I say Westhampton no one knows what I am talking about, but most of the businesses use Westhampton in the name (i.e. Westhampton Theater, Westhampton Dentistry). This is not really the point of this post.

I live not far from here and am pumped that it is turning into a little restaurant scene. I will have to plan a crawl here, since crawling is my new thing. Here is what I am thinking…

Start at Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe (5812 Grove Ave) because dessert should be first. I didn’t really get dessert on a recent crawl and most likely Pearl’s won’t be open when we are done.

After dessert it is time to hit Café Caturra (5811 Grove Ave.) which is a spot for cougars according to foursquare. I am down with that. Here, I am thinking wine, cheese and maybe charcuterie. Keep it simple before we rock it out with big eats and drinks.

Next up, The Continental (5704 Grove Ave). Since it just opened this week, I am going with my gut on this one. Based on the menu on their website I am going to have to try Lobster Hushpuppies and Spinach Feta Pot Pit. Why the hell not.

Blue Goat (5710 Grove Ave) could be the final stop, depending on how we are walking at this point. Some pommes frites and/or some pork rinds might accidentally be ordered. We will definitely have a cocktail or two from their famous bartender.

If we can make it to a fifth spot, we will hit Phil’sContinental Lounge (5810 Grove Ave). If we can’t make to Phil’s, we can hit them up the next morning for a recovery lunch of BLTs and Roast Beef and Swiss. Either way we will finish the loop eventually!

Who’s in?

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