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Monday, March 12, 2012

barrel thief

If you are a restaurant, (or anyone one for that matter) the way to my heart is a through a great cheese plate. Barrel Thief (5805 Patterson Ave) is a new lover of mine. My wine group had a tasting event there and the first thing they brought out was a delightful assortment. A little brie, a little gouda and a little goat, yes, yes, yes and thank you.

We were there to sample wines from a region in France that I wish I could remember. I think that a few people in the wine group are really there to learn about the wine, but I have to admit, once I have a second glass of what ever we are sampling, I am not in the mood for learning.

I was in the mood to sample some delicious cheeses, charcuterie selections and the bruschetta with pimento cheese and a roasted cherry tomato. I didn’t have a chance to look at the full menu, but the plates going out looked tasty.

I love the idea of a wine store also being a café style eatery. And it is always nice to find another hidden gem for bites and beverages close to home.

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