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Monday, February 6, 2012

mellow nushroom

I totally messed up at Mellow Mushroom (1321 W Main St., Charlottesville). I was trying to eat healthy and couldn’t commit to a pizza. I told myself that I would order a salad to fill up and splurge on cheesy bread. I knew that by the time I finished my salad, I wouldn’t really be hungry for cheesy bread so I would only eat a few bites. I knew this would work. I would get a couple bites of deliciousness and still be good.

This plan totally back fired.

They brought my cheesy bread first and didn’t bring my salad until 20 minutes later; forcing me to eat every single bite of cheesy bread, even the pieces on the end that didn’t even have cheese on it! It was so depressing. It was delicious, but depressing.

I looked around the table and saw all these beautiful pizzas with their pizza sauce and incredible toppings. That could have been mine.

I was so full of cheesy bread, I did not take one bite of my salad. I took it home in a pizza box. The next morning Evan was so excited to find a pizza box in the fridge, but boy was he disappointed to find a bunch of wilted spinach. He said he checked it a second time because he couldn’t believe that I would be so cruel.

I am sorry, Evan. I really am.

Photo credit - Vegan Crunk

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