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Friday, February 17, 2012

cafeteria - new york

We were in NYC last weekend and stayed in midtown Manhattan. I know there are a million restaurants in New York, but surprisingly not very many within walking distance of our hotel. I got on my phone and hit up Urbanspoon to see what was close and found a couple options that looked promising, Cafeteria (10 blocks away) and Tre Dici (3 blocks away).

The youngsters in our group (and by youngsters, I mean, not my parents) decided to go to Cafeteria (119 7th St.) for cocktails and meet up with the parents at Tre Dici for dinner. 

I hiked it 10 blocks in my 4 inch stilettos and once we were a block away, I realized that I had been to Cafeteria before. Of all the places in NYC, I had brunch here 3 years ago with a friend from college. Crazy!

We got three spots at the bar and had ourselves some delicious cocktails, an Apricot Sage for me with vodka, apricot puree, crushed sage and a splash of citrus, and a Blood Orange Mimosa for Melody. Beer for Evan.

I made the statement “I LOVE blood oranges” when Melody was picking her cocktail. Evan caught me off guard when he asked me, “When have you ever had a blood orange?” It stopped me in my tracks. I don’t think I ever have actually eaten a blood orange. I have had blood orange juice in plenty of cocktails and once in a cheesecake, so I stand by my statement, I LOVE Blood Oranges.

For bites, we had bacon wrapped dates and fried calamari. The dates were very good, but not as good as The Empress. It made me miss home....

*We told my brother that we went to Cafeteria, his response was that the place was “scene-y”. That means a place that small celebrities go to be seen….do we have anywhere like that in RVA?

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