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Monday, January 16, 2012

the magpie

I really needed a night out and had been dying to try one of Richmond’s ten million new restaurants. So I made Evan take me to The Magpie (1301 West Leigh St.). I’ve been good all week, I deserve it. This place is so cute, even if it is in the hood. I adore the cocktail list. I got a cocktail that had vanilla vodka, simple syrup and apple cider. It had some clever name, but I just can’t remember. It tasted like a candy corn, in a good way.
Small plates seem to be the format for a lot of the new RVA dining spots. That is great for me because if the plate is smaller I feel like I am eating healthier, even when I order a Corndog Lobster and Braised Beef Cheeks, which I did.  I think we ordered a total of 5 plates.......... My favorite dish of the evening was the roasted beets, but mostly because they came with bleu cheese. Evan usually doesn’t like bleu cheese, which translates to more for me, but in this case he liked it, so not quite enough more for me. Next time, I will tell him to get his own.
Side note: the place filled up pretty quickly (as places tend to do when there are only 8 tables) and who did I spy at the bar, but the RVA social media  famous, Chad Williams. I have met Chad before, but I always feel like a stalker going up to someone that I know from twitter in person. So I just checked in with him on foursquare and called it a night.

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