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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


If you have not been to Pasture (416 East Grace Street)….GO! Take your mom, take your man or go it alone, but find a way to try this place.
This is the newest and greatest from Chef Jason Alley from Comfort.
Side note: Don’t throw things at me because I am the only person in Richmond that doesn’t like Comfort. I feel like I gain 15 pounds just from looking at the menu. I appreciate that Chef Jason is amazingly talented, but I just don’t like “home cooking”.
But alas, I am so in love with Pasture that I want everyone to go there so that it is so crowded that I can’t get a table.... 
Everything we ordered was tasty.  The space is perfectly under designed, and the staff is a bunch of cool kids.
Thumbs up to Pasture for serving Southern food all fancy for us Yankees.  Yes, I will have the pork belly because it is on a little plate which means ½ the calories, right? Yes, I will have the rockfish, because fish is healthy and cancels out the pork belly. And yes, I will have another glass of Cava, because if you sit at the bar you should not be rude and refuse to order another drink especially if your man is paying!

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