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Monday, January 16, 2012

secco wine bar

Someone was very hungover because someone had one too many glasses of bubbly on the last visit to Secco Wine Bar (2933 West Cary St.) All that this particular someone had for dinner was a cheese plate which lead to a not so pleasant Thursday morning. I think it goes without saying that I didn’t make it to Body Pump that morning.
Secco has a great wine list and cheese selection. I hear the food is good, too. I try not to mix my eating and drinking when it can be avoided. On this particular visit, I was with a newly formed wine group of 20. I would have thought that 20 people would pack this place, but we worked it out. The staff was probably a little annoyed with our group of separate checks, but they did their best not to let us know that.
Funny thing to look for if you go to this place…the descriptions on the cheese menu. With adjectives like zingy, tangy and melty, how can you go wrong?  Those were the three that I ordered. Don’t ask the actual names of the cheese. I have no idea.
Additional advice: Go here when someone else is paying. That bill racks up quick. $60 on a Wednesday would be a problem if Friday wasn’t pay day!

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