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Friday, August 1, 2014

Gratitude: Journaling

In the three months leading up to opening Boho Cycle Studio, I kept a journal in my Evernote app on my phone. It was a crazy time full of highs and lows. I spent my days working my full time job, nights and weekends meeting with contractors, interviewing instructors, building a website, fighting with City Hall for permits, creating marketing materials, networking with Richmond influencers, and all the million other things that I have blocked out of my mind only to be rediscovered when we go through all of that again for location number 2. There were days when I would hit the pillow feeling like I conquered the world and days when I could see no light at the end of my pity party of a tunnel.

The journal was a way to keep myself sane and document my process. It became my release and the only way I could fall asleep some nights. I would write something about my day, what I accomplished both in the world of Boho, work, and my personal life. I would vent about what was stressing me, keep track of the big wins, and then at the end every entry I would remind myself of something I was grateful for.

Even on the days that I barely made it through, the last thought I had before going to sleep was something I was happy to have in my life, a moment of gratitude. It was amazing the relaxing and releasing effect that exercise had on me.

Some of the things I wrote in my journal that I was grateful for:

“My husband who is too good for me, but somehow likes me anyway”

“My snuggly kitties”

“My friends who always tell me the truth”

“The feeling that exciting things are in my future because I put them there”

“The fact that I live in a place where people are doing and changing and sharing ideas”

“Creative people in the world who inspire me”

“My family, who might be far away, but so incredibly supportive”

There were so many more, and many on repeat. I was thankful for my husband a lot since he was picking up the slack at home, so I could gallivant around town trying to get small business up and running. Looking back it all seems a blur, but a happy one since the end of every entry was something wonderful.

If you are stressed, confused, or just bored, I absolutely recommend this as a way to feel better. Every night for the next 30 days, right before you go to sleep, write down 1 thing that you are happy to have. 

Are your ready to start your own Gratitude Journal?


  1. I do the same thing! Every night since January 1st I've written down 5 things I'm grateful for. I agree, it really helps. Now I'm thinking a journal might be good for me too!

    1. You are so good at sticking to healthy habits! I need to get back to it.