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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gratitude: Soul Pancake

If you have not heard of Soul Pancake, and are looking for some feel good videos, I recommend you check out their YouTube channel, stat! Soul Pancake is a project lead by Rainn Wilson, also known as Dwight from the show The Office. What Rainn and his team do is make videos.  They explore topics such as spirituality, creativity, philosophy, and highlight people who do good for other people. It is serious feel good stuff which in my opinion, is a big part of living with gratitude.

Gratitude is taking time to focus on the good in our lives. We get overloaded with negative messages all day every day. I lump these in to three categories: 1) Media & Marketing, 2) Work/Life Stresses, and 3) People/Relationships. In our plugged in culture, it does require effort to search for positive messages and make time to appreciate them. That is why I love Soul Pancake.

I wanted to share one of my very favorite Soul Pancake videos: The Science of Happiness - An Experiment in Gratitude.

In this experiment, the “lab techs” ask participants to write down their feelings about someone in their lives who was really influential and then the techs asked them to call that person and read what they wrote. What happened after that was not a shocking revelation, but definitely a cause for personal reflection.


The video is 7 minutes long, so I get it if you don’t have time right this minute to watch it, but I promise it is a good one.

After watching this, I added to my Day Zero Project List: Send 10 Unexpected Gifts to Friends

I hope that checking that item off my list will serve as my own exercise in gratitude. 

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