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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Photo of #burratasparatta via Heritage Facebook Pate

When a restaurant dish has its own hashtag, you order it whether you are doing a cleanse or not. This is a non-negotiable fact.

Exhibit A: I was doing an elimination cleanse where I basically stopped eating everything for a couple weeks and then died of starvation. Not really, that is a joke, but not a very funny one, because nothing is funny when you are hungry. The deal is you cut out booze, meat, dairy, beans, wheat, corn, potatoes, oil, vinegar, and citrus. Then after a couple weeks, you add them back in one by one to see what things make you sick. I made it four and a half days until #burratasparatta entered the picture.

Exhibit B: What is #burratasparatta, you ask? It is amazingness on a plate. Burrata is a combo of mozzarella and cream, so it has the consistency of cutting into a big mozzarella ball, but with a creamy center. It is a game changer. Heritage (1627 W Main St), or as I like to call it, foodie paradise, serves this as a special usually on top of a fried green tomato with some kind of plate lick-able sauce.

Exhibit C: The Chef, famous for his Richmond foodie fan club, is Joe Sparatta, the genius behind this burrata invasion. Hence the hashtag, #burratasparatta. And really with a name like Sparatta, what is not to like?

Exhibit D: Because I was abandoning my elimination cleanse, I said to myself, “Let’s just forget this whole thing ever happened”. Then I ordered a glass of rose. Well, that was a mistake because I had only eaten vegetables for 4 days and got sloppy drunk off 4 sips of wine, thus major hangover the following day.

Exhibit E: I don’t really know why I chose to type this post in exhibit format, but I am going with it. I have always liked the word exhibit. Really, any word with an x in it is pretty great.

Exhibit F: #burratasparrata = good. Elimination cleanse followed by rose = danger. 

Be careful out there, folks.


  1. We had this last Friday over a fried green tomato, plus a gin cocktail, Delicious!

  2. I am taking all the credit for this hashtag, and will give Meg credit for tweeting it I SUPPOSE hahaha! #burattasparatta 4eva!! love it and love me some Heritage :)

    1. I had a feeling you ladies had something to do with this!

  3. I want to pop that burrata ball in my mouth all at once. NOM. CHOMP.

    1. When you get back to Richmond, I will buy you one on the condition that you do just that! Lol. It is so damn deliscious!

  4. Hahaha nothing better than getting tipsy off a few sips of rose ;)

    I went to Heritage for brunch a few weeks ago and I was really impressed! I liked it a lot :)