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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Habberdash Quinoa Bowl via Goatocado Facebook Page

Please, tell me that you have seen the show “My Crazy Obsession.” I am talking about the show on TLC that profiled the guy who dresses up like a mermaid and the women who loves carrots so much that she is turning orange. Not to be confused with the show “My Strange Addiction” that profiles people like the lady that eats cat food or the guy who makes out with his car. Those are just gross.

I happened to catch an episode about this girl who is obsessed with celebrity stalking. She runs around New York City every day for 8 hours a day so that she can get her picture taken with famous people. She has over 10,000 pictures with people ranging from Angelina Jolie to Pauly D. Here is a little glimpse of the so-called stalker.

I get it. She is a nut. But here is the thing….

I think that I might be celebrity stalking the Goatocado food cart. It started innocently enough, as it always does, when I had one of their sandwiches at a local festival. Their fresh unique vegetarian combinations instantly won me as a fan. Soon after, I liked their facebook page. One thing lead to another, they started serving quinoa bowls, and my office started calling in orders for lunch. I found myself liking more and more of their facebook pics of delicious fresh food creations. I even wrote a blog post about them. That’s when it started getting to be a bit much. I started following them on twitter and tweeting when they were in my neighborhood. Tweets kind of like these.

At Dominion River Rock, I ate two quinoa bowls in one day. I would check the Hardywood Food Truck roster to make sure they are going to be there before I commit to going. I am up early every Saturday to hit the South of the James Farmer’s Market just to get my Goatocado fix. I think I have a problem. I have to make a conscious effort not to talk about them in every food conversation and have held back from hitting the like button on every pic they post. Every other pic is ok, but not every one!

I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I will admit it. I have a problem. But if stalking delicious vegetarian sandwiches and quinoa bowls is wrong, TLC can sign me up for my 15 minutes of shame, because I don’t want to be right.


  1. Next time you know where they are I have to join you. I still haven't gone... I am ashamed.

  2. im obsessed w Goatacado. I would be so healthy if i could eat it every day

  3. Hahaha I love your obsession. And you have a reason to be obsessed because it's SO GOOD!