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Monday, March 25, 2013

edos squid

Again with the picture from Michael Lee's Food Views. I don't know how I have not met this man who takes pictures that make you want to lick your screen.

I refer to my dinner date to Edo’s Squid (411 N Harrison St) as “The Big Cheat Dinner”. I have been sticking pretty close to the whole foods vegan diet after being completely brainwashed by Netflix, but this was a night where I gave myself permission to order what ever I wanted, no restrictions, no judgment, just deliciousness.

Edo’s seemed like the perfect place to go on a food bender, but on a Friday night, it would seem almost impossible to get a table. The last time we went we waited for 45 minutes even though we had a reservation.

I have learned that if you just accept that you will wait and try not to spill your wine on the people eating literally underneath where you are standing, the experience is much more enjoyable. There is absolutely no waiting area other than the stairwell at Edo's, but I will tell you from experience, it does not expedite the process to give dirty looks to the waiter with the deep deep-v neck shirt. It does not make people eat any faster or make you less hungry.

On this night, it was like Destiny was telling me, “Eat the Pasta!” We got a table right away and the bottle of red that we ordered was poured faster than I could say spaghetti. And trust me, I can say spaghetti really fast.

I ate an entire starter of arugula salad topped with flaky parmesan cheese like I was a one year old having birthday cake. And then it was time to pasta. Evan ordered the spaghetti broccoli rabe tossed with ricotta, olive oil, garlic, and parmesan. I ordered spaghetti with eggplant and a little parm on the side. I ate bread in between bites of noodles, sprinkled extra cheese, took bites off my plate and Evan’s plate and ate and ate and ate until I could not put another bite of food in my body.

What happened not 3 minutes after I stopped shoveling was a reaction in my belly that I had not experienced in quite some time. The pasta and oil and cheese started to expand in my stomach and puffed up like a balloon, a balloon that could be mistaken for a little person. That’s right, folks, I looked like I was about 5 months pregnant.

There is nothing more impressive than the site of a pregnant woman leaving a packed restaurant with a half drank bottle of wine in hand. This time deep-v neck was giving me dirty looks. Ah how the tables have turned.


  1. Yummm Edo's would be a great place for a "cheat" dinner! I mean, if you're going to eat it, you might as well enjoy it, right? ;)

  2. There - I said it. What kinda RVA foodie am I?! *sigh*...

  3. Thats funny,

    The Big Cheat Dinner!

    Why not, I don't blame you when it looks that amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.