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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

burger bach

these cost extra - photo by Patrick Hannan
Hello guys and girls. I bet you are wondering where I have been eating. Well, wonder no more because I am here to tell you. I have been eating at Burger Bach located across the parking lot from the juice factory (i.e. Ellwood Thompsons).

This place is packed. ALL. THE. TIME. We tried going for dinner on a Friday at 6:30pm and there was already a 40 minute wait. Aint nobody got time for that. So we tried again on a Thursday and did get two spots at the bar.

This is the point where you will most likely check to make sure you clicked on the right blog because I am going to type something that I would never have written only a few months ago. I love that every burger comes with a side salad, but fries cost extra. That’s right folks, a burger place that makes it easy for you to eat salad and a little extra effort to go for the fries.

I feel like this is a smart move for the business as well as good for the figure. Most people are going to splurge on the fries and spend more. Very few people add a salad to their burger order. It is a win for everyone. I mean get a look at these fries (photographed for my craving post in what seems like a former life.)

I am happy to report that on this occasion I was not in the most people category. I have set up a self inflicted torture challenge to eat something green with every meal. It is harder than you think. It was a nice little surprise to have a fresh green salad lightly dressed with olive oil as a little bonus with my veggie burger and glass of red. Ok, I had two glasses of red. Ok, ok, two glasses of red at Burger Bach and then another one at home. This is Thirsty Richmond, after all.

Here is what I ordered: The Vegetarian Burger topped with Chipotle BBQ Sauce (instead of the regularly offered organic ketchup, mustard, and pickle). It came with the mixed lettuce salad and for a million bonus points I ordered a side of sautéed garlic spinach. Crazy, I know, but they had a lot of tempting green options on the menu, especially for a burger spot.
Is it mean that I just wrote about eating a salad, but posted a picture of fries? Sorry folks, they are just too pretty.


  1. I love those french fry dipping sauces at BBach! However, sadly enough, I am just not that big of a french fry lover... yea yea I know not normal :/ And I also get very cranky if I don't have something green with every meal haha I blame my father, we alwayyyys had to have a green veg growing up so I guess it's just outta habit? This whole salad w/ burger deal is definitely something I didn't realize but think is fabulous!!

    1. I agree the dipping sauces are key. I cannot believe you don't like fries! I cannot even wrap my head around that. Incredible. I am speechless.

  2. The first thing I thought about when I saw you posting about Burger Bach was the dipping sauces!! Too funny to come down here and see that's already the conversation. The cilantro one is out of this world. But yes, that place is always slammed and I can never seem to get a table!

  3. YUM. I just heard someone talk about that place today and was wondering if they had any veggie versions. I need to make a 'restaurants to try' list, I really do.

  4. I love their veggie burger!!! And the salads really are pretty good!

  5. i. love. sauce. I spend $$$ on all of those because I am inlove with dipping condiments. yum yum yum