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Monday, February 4, 2013

the tobacco company restaurant

Photos by image machine
I literally cannot stop planning parties! Bridal showers, baby showers, wine tastings, the list goes on. I am in love with the whole planning process, picking a location, designing a d├ęcor scheme, planning the (cocktail) menu, and playing hostess. I have tissue paper pomanders and Japanese paper lanterns all over the house. Stacked up on the guest room bed is red tulle, flowers vases, party plates, cupcake displays and the ultimate blogger party item, red and white paper straws in nostalgic glass straw holders. If there was a party-crafters anonymous, I would go to meetings.

Thankfully, I work for a restaurant that regularly hosts events, so I have an outlet for my celebration addiction. I recently got to wear my hostess hat when the Virginia Bloggers descended upon happy hour at The Tobacco Company Restaurant (1201 E Cary St).

I really wanted this event to be special, so naturally, I obsessed over the details. I had our designer create a poster welcoming the bloggers, poured blue champagne to match the logo, and worked with our Chef to create a menu just for the bloggers. And by “worked with our Chef” what I really mean is, I asked him to make something amazing, which he absolutely did!

He served, cucumber cups with roasted hummus, ahi tuna tartar over crispy wontons, sundried tomato crostinis topped with poached shrimp, coconut fried shrimp, vegan springrolls, and for dessert, French Macarons.

Just to clarify, French Macarons are not vegan. But these Macarons were completely worth the cheat. So if you are counting, I cheated three times. There was a strawberry cheat, a mocha cheat, and another strawberry cheat. I am only human.

It was really great meeting new bloggers as well as catch up with some of my favorites. The blue champagne was flowing and I think everyone had a great time. That is all a hostess can ask for.

More photos taken by the lovely KC Johnson of image machine are posted on facebook!


  1. Sorry I missed this, looks like it was fabulous!!!

  2. You are a perfect hostess - the night was so much fun and I loved all the details!

  3. That was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for hosting!!! I loved the food, the drinks... and most importantly, the people :)

    1. I could not agree more, the company makes a party!

  4. Thanks for hosting, this was a really fun event and it was great catching up with other bloggers. I'm up for anything that involves blue champagne and macarons. I had a wonderful time!

  5. How do you make this blog look this cool!? Email me if you get the chance and share your wisdom. I’d be thankful!