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Thursday, January 31, 2013

boka truck


I cannot believe that I forgot to list Boka Tako Truck in my recent post of my favorite taco places. I seriously feel guilty about it. Guilty like how I feel when I forget someone’s birthday and have to call them the day after and do my best not to make a stupid excuse for why I did not call on the appropriate day. Boka, I am sorry that I forgot your birthday.

My love for Boka goes way back. Back to when Evan and I moved back to Richmond over two years ago. I had just quit the most stressful job any person could ever do (with the exception of space shuttle maintenance and open heart surgery). I was, in a way, detoxing from my former life. I had a mission to live my life for me, not for the job, and to be more adventurous.

What I ended up doing for most of my days was surfing online, not very adventurous. I did not have a job, so I spent most of my time on my sofa on my computer trying to plug in to my new city without actually experiencing any of the city for myself.

One day, I decided to get out. I saw a tweet from @BokaTruck that said something to the affect of “4421 Waterfront Dr Hamilton Beach Head Quarters ETA 12:30pm”. I saw it as a call to action and drove myself out to the Hamilton Beach office and parked in the employee lot. I waited for the truck to pull up and then casually made my way to the line. While I was waiting, Hamilton employees started making conversation and it eventually came out that I did not work there. I did not work at all.

You would think that this would be embarrassing, but it was actually quite liberating. I was doing something that most people could not fathom. I felt the urge for a great taco and took action. I was not stuck in a cube or on the beltway, but was free to drive where ever I wanted, when I wanted and eat as many tacos as I could fit in my mouth and no one was the boss of me. No one needed me to solve a problem. I was living a life for me and if I wanted a taco, I was damn well going to get one.

I had two Boka tacos for lunch yesterday from the truck parked down the street from the office where I now work. I absolutely love my job and am in a completely different place then I was when I had my first bite of Boka. Thank you, Boka, for getting me off the couch, and for serving some very tasty tacos.