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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Thirsty Thursdays, Taco Tuesday, Krispy Kreme, all alliterations, all things that make life better. There is just something about two words that start with the same letter that just feels right.

I would like to officially add Mexican Mondays to my list of favorite double letter whammies. Every Monday, Sergio at Pasture (416 E Grace St) creates a spicy special of south of the border style cuisine. Like what I did there?

We made it to Mexican Monday, at happy hour which is really the way to go. You get to enjoy their regular happy hour special which includes half price snacks, $2 off draft beers and $5 wines, then you get to order Mexican Monday specials and if you are lucky, you will have room for dessert and still be home before 7pm.

We start with the pimento cheese with Ritz crackers for just $2, always. Because you have to. No exceptions. Ever.

On our particular Monday, the special was oxtail tacos and vegetarian tacos. I am going to go ahead and say it here, oxtail is the new pork belly. In 2012 it was all about the pork belly, but this year it is going to be all about a piece of tail. I can feel it.

Not to worry if you are oxen lover. These days oxtail is generally the backside of a cow, not the butt of the lovable Babe the Blue Ox from the Paul Bunyon stories. But if you are not into meat, this probably totally grosses you out and you should stick to the veggie taco.

And speaking of vegetarians…there is another dish that I would like to mention if you are a veggie looking for dining recommendations from a carnivore. Frito Pie is on Pasture’s regular menu and is a favorite among my plant loving friends. It is a vegetarian chili with cheddar cheese and onions and of course Fritos.

But I digress, Mexican Mondays is at the top of my list of exciting things to start with the letter M. You can “like” them on Facebook to get a glimpse of the specials every week. With dishes like arroz con pollo, chicken and chorizo tostadas and chocolate soup, the alliteration is just a bonus.


  1. Mmm, thanks for the heads up! Pimento cheese and Mexican food at the same place is almost too good to be true.

    1. I know, right? add on a great cocktail list and the famous candy bar dessert and it is pretty close to what I imagine heaven to be like

  2. I had somehow completely forgotten about Pasture's awesome happy hour snack deal - and that pimento cheese and their house made pickles just sing to me, love them! The man friend was not super impressed with his recent brunch adventure however I am going to take him back there and show him how fabulous Pasture truly can be :)

  3. I still dream about Jason's pimento cheese... if I lived in RVA, I'd be a regular!

    1. It is totally worth a trip! Maybe we should put a bug in the ear of the Virginia Bloggers coordinators to plan a pimento meetup :)