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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{craving} french onion soup

All this talk of French bistros has got me craving some real deal French Onion Soup (and by “all this talk” I mean my last post about sweating in the French bistro).

I don’t know what my favorite part of French Onion Soup is considering that everything about this decadent excuse for a first course is oh so good. Between the sweetness of the caramelized onions, the melty gooey cheese and the seasoned lumps of bread that soak up savory broth, it is impossible to not enjoy this dish.

Reflection: I wrote this before I started looking for pictures of French Onion Soup to include with the post. French Onion Soup, as delicious as it is, is not very photogenic. Give it a google sometime. Not pretty.

I wish that I knew of more places in Richmond that serve a good French Onion Soup, but here is what I have so far.

Curbside – I know you would have never guessed it, but this little Fan bar serves a fantastic French Onion Soup. I usually get it when I am there on Taco Tuesdays because everyone knows that Tacos and French Onion Soup go great with $2 Tecates.

Panera Bread – Don’t wince that I am mentioning a chain restaurant. Have you ever had French Onion Soup in a sourdough bread bowl? It is freaking delicious. I stand by it.

Can Can Brasserie – I have never had their soup, but imagine it must be good considering that they are a French bistro and if their French soup was bad people would be rioting in the streets.

Please, let me know if you have a secret spot that serves French Onion Soup. You don’t even have to post it in the comments if you want your secret safe with me, but I will warn you, I am not very good at secrets after a couple glasses of wine. So really you might as well post it in the comments because the word is going to get out anyway.

Photo credit – Can You Stay for Dinner


  1. For not being a photogenic soup, you really found a mouthwatering photo... Looks amazing! I don't know if I've seen french onion soup in any restaurants regular menu; I always end up seeing it as a special, or soup du jour in different spots... People can say whatever about Panera, they make some good soup ... (their creamy tomato is my guilty pleasure)

  2. A couple of my coworkers are French onion soup fiends, and they go to Starlite when they need a fix. It's not my favorite thing, but it was good when one of them let me try it.