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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

virginia craft beer month

This week, I was working late, doing some off site research. I really go above and beyond for the job.

What was I doing? Having beers.

If you haven’t heard, the Virginia General Assembly actually did something good this session. They joined the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild in declaring August as Virginia Craft Beer Month.

         HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 522: Virginia’s craft breweries already are an economic engine in the Commonwealth; most sell their beverages only in Virginia, thus the money raised from sales of craft beers and the revenue from tourists visiting the breweries remains largely within the local economy… Virginia Craft Brewers Guild has designated August as Virginia Craft Beer Month, encouraging residents and visitors alike to patronize the dozens of traditional craft breweries in the state….

There are some phenomenal breweries making beers in Virginia and it is about time that we have a whole month dedicated to celebrating that. In addition to driving people directly to the breweries, plenty of Richmond restaurants will be featuring Virginia beers.

The beer that we tasted was a stout from O’Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk. The beer drinks like Guinness, but is a little fuller and creamier. It is a great beer to look out for during Virginia Craft Beer Month.

Ask your bartenders, “What do you have that was brewed in Virginia?”


  1. I had no idea August was VA craft beer month, but thanks for sharing, I'm glad to find this out :) More excuses to try out great beer!

    1. I am very much looking forward to having an excuse to drink lots of beer!