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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{drinking} chateau chantal pinot blanc

We brought home 22 bottles of wine from our Michigan vacation. Buying obscene amounts of wine was not part of the plan, but it has helped me transition out of vacation mode. You can’t quit vacation drinking cold turkey or you may experience heroin-like withdrawal symptoms. Or so I’m told, I don’t risk it.

For dinner last night, we ordered Thai Diner (8059 W Broad St.) takeout. Noodle of the Drunk for me (no coincidence) and Yellow Curry Chicken for Evan. Both were ordered with a spice level of American Hot. Thai Diner has four options when it comes to the level of spice, no spice, medium, American Hot and Thai Hot. We stay in the Medium to American Hot level unless we don’t have any where to be the next day.

The Pinot Blanc from Chateau Chantal was probably not the perfect pairing for our spicy Thai meal, but it sure was tasty. It is light and semi-dry with some pear, melon, citrus brightness.

I am totally an amateur when it comes to pairing wines with food. I just eat what I like and drink what I like and hope for the best. This time, it worked out pretty well.


  1. I completely agree on the transition of vacation drinking back into the routine of things... Still gotta have at least a glass of wine at night, haha. I learned a lot about pairing wines working in fine dining, but honestly, I drink what I like with my food as well, and I think that's the best way to go :)

    1. I really needed a vacation from my vacation, but a couple glasses of wine would have to do.