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Friday, June 22, 2012

south of the james farmer's market

There are some extremely healthy things going on this weekend. Wouldn’t you know, I will be out of town. But for all of you who will be in RVA this weekend, you may want to hit up the Richmond Vegetarian Festival or one of my favorites, the South of the James Farmer’s Market.

When I can drag myself out of bed on a Saturday morning, breakfast at the market is on the agenda. This market doesn't just have farmers with displays of miraculous vegetables and meats, they have a long list of prepared food booths, including Blanchards Coffee, Pizza Tonight, Boka Truck and "the Asian Lady" serving up tofu that tastes like chicken. 

If you want a healthy breakfast, you can stop by the Crossroad’s booth and get an asparagus, mushroom and cheddar frittata and then hit up the Sustenance food truck for a rosehips and hibiscus tea (like I did last weekend). If you want to go unhealthy delicious, get yourself a Mrs. Yoder’s donut (like I do every other weekend I make it to the market).

The reason for the switch up to a healthy breakfast is because of my mission for a bikini bod and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Mrs. Yoder’s was not at the market this past week. (There were toddlers literally crying once they realized the donuts weren't there. It was a scene.)

I hope you enjoy your weekend of vegetables. I will be in Maryland where it is five whole degrees cooler, probably eating a burger.


  1. Aw, I'm sad you'll be in Maryland! I was hoping to see you at the market or the festival! Ah well, hopefully we can catch up soon :)

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