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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the commonwealth club

Saturday two wonderful people were married and I was invited. It was a beautiful ceremony and a blast of a ceremony at TheCommonwealth Club.

This was my first time at The Commonwealth Club and it was as impressive as I expected. I loved that they hosted a standing reception instead of a sit down dinner. That does not mean that we did not eat well. The spread of food was phenomenal.

Bacon wrapped scallops in a sweet barbecue sauce, grilled lamb lollipops, chicken salad. And those were just the unmanned service stations! They had a women preparing fresh guacamole, a gentleman heating up small portions of mushroom risotto (which Evan declared the best risotto he had ever had). They had a roast beef carvery with sweet rolls that I wanted to put in my purse. But I brought my party purse, so they wouldn’t fit.

At the beginning of the evening everyone was being very civilized, taking small portions and waiting their turn to sample everything. But by the end of the evening I saw more than one guy walk by the lamb, grab one in hand, bite off the meat and toss the bone. It was awesome.

The highlight of my night, other than the wedding and the dancing and a drunk wedding guest singing “Let’s Get It On” karaoke style, was that they served me a Coors Light in a wine glass. It was so classy! I never drink Coors Light, but I might have to start.

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