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Monday, February 27, 2012

six burner & the empress

The subtitle of this post is Duck….Duck….Bacon

I love when Saturday night turns into a food frenzy. We had no dinner plans, but found ourselves at Six Burner (1627 W Main St). Really, I just wanted a glass of red wine at a nice bar not too far from home. What I got was a lot more.

What I got was sous vide duck leg confit, Clementine oranges, pine nuts and sorghum molasses sherry sauce. It may have been one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten. Crispy skin and decadent sauce. It was everything I could do, not to fork fight my date for who would get to lick the plate.

We could have stayed and ordered more, but we wanted to mix it up. We headed back to a new found favorite, The Empress (2043 W Broad St). Since Evan had discovered a new love for duck, he ordered the duck entrée with snow peas and black truffle sage pasta. I was craving those bacon wrapped dates. (Hence my subtitle.)

If that wasn’t enough, we also ordered dessert. Sage butter crème brule and a chocolate (I think flourless) dessert with a strawberry sauce. Both were amazing. It is nights like these that I recognize what a great life I have. Thank you Duck, Duck, Bacon.

Photo credit - photoladylove (AMAZING photos!)

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