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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bombolini pasta

Last weekend, I participated in my first “cash mob” at Bombolini Pasta (1606 W Main St). I read about it in this article and was so glad that I would be in town to partake. It is such a cool concept, descending on a local business on a particular day in order to spike their sales and bring a sense of community to your shopping trip. I love it.

I would never have heard of Bombolini if not for the RVA Local Patronage facebook page and the cash mob. I am not regularly in the market for fresh pasta, but I have no idea why not. It cooks in three minutes! We bought ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, zuchinni and squash, cooked it in just three minutes and had it with a basic brown butter sauce (that I googled). So good! We also bought spinach ravioli and olive oil, so I am excited for another three minute dinner in my near future and for another cash mob!

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