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Friday, July 11, 2014

Getting Started: 5 Tips

When you Google “Getting Started” it pulls up specific instructions for starting specific types of projects, but there are universal tips and tricks to starting just about anything. Whether you are starting a new diet, starting a business, or just trying to motivate yourself to get off the sofa and clean the bathroom, these tips can help to make that first step forward toward your goal.

1. Make a list with at least one actionable item you can do right now. Every big project can be broken down in to smaller pieces to make them more manageable and to help you celebrate small successes. To me, there is nothing quite as rewarding as checking something off a to-do list, so why not start your project by organizing your list and putting that first check mark on it.

2. Get an accountability buddy. Making your self accountable to someone else is like forcing peer pressure on yourself, but in a good way. Whether you are trying to get to the gym, trying to quit smoking, or working on organizing your hall closet, if you announce it to someone else, you will feel the added pressure to follow through on your promise, which might just be the boost you need to get going.

3. Divide and conquer tasks with a team. Similar to the buddy system, if you have a project or task that can be shared with someone else you will have the accountability that comes with working as a team, and the benefit of sharing the work load. Decided who will tackle what portion of your project and communicate the deadlines that each of you will adhere to.

4. Visualize the outcome. If you can dream it you can do it! Take some time to think about what your life will be life when your project is complete or your goal achieved. Live in that moment and come back to that feeling when you are feeling discouraged or having trouble getting going.

5. Start with a cleanse. In my post earlier this week, I talked about the three ways that I am cleansing. Cleansing is a way to hit the reset button and start a new project with fresh perspective and added energy. You can rearrange your space, take some time to meditate, or plan a full on detox. The idea is to clear out space in your life for your new endeavor.

It is Friday; the end of the week, but also a great day to start what ever exciting adventure awaits you this weekend! Go forth and get started!!

Next Week’s topic: “Lists”

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