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Sunday, November 10, 2013

social 52

Photo from social52
Life has sure changed since my last blog post. I was a fool to think that I would still be able to keep the blog regularly updated while opening Boho Cycle Studio and working my full time job and eating and sleeping (pretty much the only 4 things that I do), but today is a very much needed day of unplugging that I am only able to have because of my awesome business partner. My advice for anyone starting a business is: get a partner. Sharing the work is the ONLY way that I have any shred of sanity.

But speaking of sanity, it comes and goes, and when I signed myself and Evan up to run a 3-mile race up a hill, that must have been in one of the “goes” phases. That’s right, while all the excitement at Boho is kicking off and we are in the middle of the busy season at work, I signed up to run my very first race UP A HILL. Luckily, this was a fun run, the Hardywood Bottom to the Tap, 3-mile race from the 17th Street Farmer’s Market up through Church Hill with a free beer at the end. I was never so excited to see a can of beer in my life.

After I barely survived 3-miles and finished my can of Hardywood Cream Ale, there was only one thing to do, lunch! We went to the newly opened Social 52 and stuffed our faces with vegetarian deliciousness, accompanied by more Hardywood, this time Farmhouse Pumpkin. I had the Applewood Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese, minus the Applewood with sliced apples, chipotle garlic mayo and a side of shoe string fries. Evan had the Vegan Club which he said was a damn good sandwich, marinated tofu with jicima slaw on sour dough.

It felt so good to eat at a restaurant and drink a beer during the day time. We sat at the bar, chatted with one of the owners, and had a great meal. It felt like my former care-free life. I so thankful for days like these, but I would not change my situation for a second. Although at times it feels overwhelming, the studio is amazing, my day job is exciting, and my husband is by my side, up all the hills.


  1. I am a huge fan of Social 52 - their duck spring rolls and Granny's elixir are a few of my favoriteeeee things! So excited for you and all your hard work w/ Boho paying off, I've been enjoying coming to classes so much!

    1. Granny's elixir! Must have to investigate this. Thank you SOOO much for riding at Boho. It has been wonderful having you.

  2. I need to try Social 52 again since I've only been there once and there wasn't food involved!

  3. You just made my Sunday with a Thirsty Richmond post! Glad to have you back, even if it's just for a bit. ;)

  4. I think Richmond has some great restaurants and I will certainly try Social 52 soon. Thanks for the great article.

    Mel Noel