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Monday, February 11, 2013

thai diner too

Photo from New York Serious Eats taken by Nancy Huang
I will never understand people who enjoy really spicy food, the kind that makes you sweat or that has sauce so hot that you can’t touch your face after you eat. It makes no sense to me. Why would you want to be uncomfortable while eating?

Only in the last couple of years have I been adventurous when it comes to things like red pepper flakes, sirracha, and Thai chilis. I feel like I have built up an acceptable amount of tolerance to heat, but still lean towards the conservative side of the spice spectrum.

The other night, I ordered Noodle of the Drunk from Thai Diner Too (3028 W Cary St) and asked for it “American Hot” which is a step below their hottest option, “Thai Hot”. I had done this on many occasions before, but this time was different.

The first couple of bites were really nice. It was cold outside and I felt comforted by sweet noodles, sautéed vegetables, and a little heat. And then I started to feel the tingling. It built gradually in bite number three and four. By bite number five I felt a wave of heat as if I had dipped my spoon in hot lava. My lips swelled up and my eyes started watering. I feared for my internal organs, but still kept eating. I worked my way around the outside of the plate with a bite of broccoli, a piece of tomato, a small bit of noodles, and then finally it was too much for me.

If I had been drunk before eating this dish I would have surely sobered up. It was the first time in my life that I could use the term “heat of a thousand suns” and mean it. Evan suggested that I order another plate that was “Medium”, but I was done. It wore me out. I was to exhausted to eat another bite.

Oh my goodness, I just figured it out....Thai chilis are the perfect fashion week food! The trick to controlling your portions so you can fit into your little dress is simple. Make your food so spicy that your face starts to melt and you won’t eat as much. Genius!

What do you think? Have you ever eaten food so spicy that your mouth swelled up?


  1. well considering the running joke is that i have no taste buds left bc i like food so spicy it hurts, im gonna go with probably haha. this is just a recent thing in the past few years but i just crave a super spicy meal! i am known to (always) put spoonfuls of sambal chili paste right on plain veggies - i know, ridiculous. but i love it!

  2. You are tougher than I am, my friend! I feel like I need to get back in training to tolerate the heat...

  3. I have eaten food like this before and it was the dreaded Thai (sensing a pattern here)... I literally was crying into my plate of noodles and could not finish. Which was upsetting in itself because I love noodles.

    1. I LIVE for Rice Noodles at a Thai restaurant!