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Thursday, February 21, 2013

{craving} margaritas

This is a repost: which I have never done before, but in the spirit of a very important holiday coming up TOMORROW, I figured it was appropriate. February 22nd may seem like just another Friday, but I assure you, it is not. 2/22 is in fact, National Margarita Day.

Typically, I like mine on the rocks with salt, but Pinterest has been blowing up with non-traditional margarita recipes. That got me thinking, do any bars in RVA serve supped-up ‘ritas? My favorite flavor is a watermelon margarita. I had one with real watermelon juice at Copabanana in Philadelphia. I still think about it.

What I am looking for is fancier than the Margarona served at Plaza Azteca with the Corona Bottle flipped upside down in the frozen ‘rita. Don't get me wrong. That is impressive, but I am craving something more like one of these recipes:
The only place that I know of that does it up margarita style is Nacho Mamas in Carytown. They have flavors like, Guava, Blood Orange, Pomegranate and even one they call VCU flavor. I wonder what that tastes like...


  1. I had a Chambord margarita at a Mexican restaurant in northern VA and it was incredible. I wish someone in Richmond would add it to their menu!

    1. Katie, my favorite drink on this earth is Champagne with Chambord..I would die over a Chambord margarita!

  2. Hahaha VCU flavor scares me ;) But how did I not know it was margarita day?! I'm literally going to have one tonight!