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Friday, January 25, 2013

proper pie

Some very mysterious things have been happening in Richmond this week. This Wednesday was National Pie Day and no one was talking about it. Could there have been some kind of conspiracy going on? Where the cake people lobbying the government to keep this under wraps? Did they pay off Franklin Covey to keep it from being printed on calendars?

I would have totally missed it if not for a little bakery that I follow on facebook called Proper Pie Co. (2505 E Broad St).

The concept of serving New Zealand-style savory pies in perfectly portable single sized servings is new to Richmond, but it is understandably so, catching on faster than One Direction. People in Richmond are losing their minds over pies!

Proper Pie opens their doors at 12 noon and at 11:50am there were already 6 people in line on the sidewalk, myself included. This is a really big deal considering the temperatures we have been having. Richmonders do not like to be outside in the cold.

I am here to state that these pies are worth it, even the vegan ones. Yep, you read that right. Vegan pies! Pie crust with no butter, still amazing. It is another mystery. Do they have some sort of voodoo powder that creates vegan crust that still crisps and browns? I feel like this defies the laws of physics.

Evan is skeptical and thinks they are not really vegan. They are that good! Even after I assured him, and pulled up the website, and looked up a vegan pie crust recipe, he just cannot wrap his head around it. How could something so delicious and savory and crusty be vegan? Well, Evan, it can.
We had Red Thai Curry pies filled with potatoes, green vegetables, and the most savory spices one can imagine. It was the perfect solution to this cold front. For dessert I had a slice of their Peach & Cranberry vegan pie. I did not share.

The menu changes daily and they post it on facebook. Other pies on Wednesdays menu that must be mentioned are the Chili Pork Verde and the Mince & Cheese. I imagine the Mince & Cheese pie to be like a Philly Cheese Steak in a pie crust. Hello!!

Another bonus that Proper Pie has going for them are all the cheeky things you can say about pies. They call their staff “pie-tenders” and say things like “put it in your pie-hole”. So very clever.

If you missed National Pie Day, I truly am very sorry. I don’t want you to miss any more important holidays, so here is a list of some that are coming up. I am considering writing a letter to those Franklin Covey people to get this remedied for 2014. It is that serious.

National Chocolate Cake Day - January 27th
National Margarita Day – February 22nd
National Cherry Pie Day – February 20th
National Pistachio Day – Feburary 26th

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  1. Woah I'm marking my calendar for chocolate cake day!

  2. is the vegan kind better than the non vegan kind? i sort of want the butter and cream in my that bad? I really want to go to proper pie but the guy was kind of mean to me last time I called hahaha

    1. I am sure that the kind with butter and cream is no joke! And no, it is not bad to want pie crust with butter.