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Friday, September 28, 2012

weekend visitors

I have Northerners coming to town this weekend and I could not be more excited!! And by Northerners I mean one from Maryland and one from Alaska. That is just about as north as you can get. I have a whole adventure planned for us and it includes a lot of eating and drinking and festivaling.  Here is our itinerary:

Friday Walk over to Stella’s for spanakopita and Greek wine!

Photo from South of the James Facebook Page

Saturday Hit the South of the James Market for breakfast with a stop at Pizza Tonight for fig and pig pizza (because when you have visitors you can eat pizza for breakfast) and King of Pops for icy desserts. I am sure that Blanchard's coffee and Mrs. Yoders donuts will happen here as well.

Regroup at home and put on our walking shoes.

Drive downtown and walk over to Brown’s Island/Tredegar for some sight-seeing.

Hit Virginia Pride Fest to get a glimpse of the famous, BD Wong (Law and Order) and Raven (RuPaul’s Drag Race).

Head over to the 17th Street Farmer’s Market for the Italian Street Festival, and shovel as much pizza as possible into our mouths until we can’t take one more bite of the carb-a-liscious-ness.

Photo from

Drive to Hardywood Park for Virginia’s finest local beer sampling. Because after you overdose on pizza the only logical thing to do it go drink some beer.

Go back home for a little rest and digest.

Get ourselves dolled up and head back downtown for cocktails and entertainment at The Tobacco Company Restaurant. There is a possibility that we could dance off some of the calories we consumed during the day.

Taxi home and sleep.

Photo from a Secco Beer Brunch taken by RVA Brunch Club

Sunday Let the guests sleep in and get dressed just good enough to be seen in public.

Get the car and meet at the Secco Wine Bar for their Beer Brunch.

Bid my friends adieu and take a nap on the sofa.

What does your weekend look like?


  1. I'm out of town at the beach. Surprised, right?

  2. Gosh, I am tired just reading your post. I hope your Northerners had fun this past weekend. As I am jealous of all the fun, food and festivals you had planned this past weekend. I LOVE festivals and I was not able to get to 1 of them this weekend as I had prior plans. Can't wait to hear how they liked our fair city!

    1. Trish, my itinerary was a little ambitious. I am sad to report that we didn't hit everything as planned. We did overload on carbs all weekend long, though. Details to come...