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Monday, August 6, 2012

urban farmhouse

I have a love/hate relationship with a little thing the called a Caesar Salad. I have it on my healthy food list, but it is actually really, really unhealthy. It is a salad that might as well be a hamburger. And if given the choice, of course I would rather be eating a burger. Blame it on that Caesar dressing, but you can’t exactly order a Caesar salad with oil and vinegar. Then it becomes an oil and vinegar salad and who the hell wants to eat that?

Well, wouldn’t you know, I have found a healthy Caesar salad at Urban Farmhouse (1217 E Cary St). Think organic romaine lettuce and antibiotic/hormone free chicken with a light sprinkling of parmesan, walnuts (instead of croutons) and wait for it…eggless Caesar dressing!

I know what you are thinking. I didn’t even know Caesar dressing had eggs in it. Yep, eggs in the dressing in addition to the anchovies. Caesar dressing is basically a base of mayonnaise and little fish. Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

Well the Farmhouse Caesar dressing is spot on and sans egg. It is lemony and fresh, but still tastes like a Caesar dressing should. It doesn’t glob on the lettuce, but lightly coats your greens more like vinaigrette.

If you haven’t been to Urban Farmhouse, it is downtown on the same block as the Martin Agency. It is a cute little place that is pretty much a big coffee shop, but they also have wine and beer that you can drink there or take with you, all priced at retail. It was a serious test of willpower not to buy the mini bottle of Prosseco to go with my salad, but it was only 11:09am….on a Wednesday.

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  1. I've eaten there a couple times and loved it! Great when they open the doors and there's a breeze! Yumm food too!

    1. The space is great when they have the doors open and the weather is nice. Hopefully in a couple weeks! Fingers crossed.