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Friday, June 29, 2012

michigan vacation

Posting may be light next week because we are going on vacation!!!! Can you tell that I am excited from the over use of exclamation points?

We are headed north on a tour of Michigan with our first stop in Detroit. We are planning to go with the flow on this holiday. We have a basic itinerary and a short list of things to do and places to be, but for the most part we are going to wing it.

I hope to be updating you on the following spots.

Sugar House (Detroit) for cocktails
Roast (Detroit) for dinner
Wheelhouse Detroit (Detroit) for bike riding
Astro Coffee (Detroit) for breakfast and coffee
Shorts Brewery (Bellaire) for beers
G’s Pizzeria (Kalkaska) for pizza
Founders Brewery (Grand Rapids) for more beer
Billy's Lounge (Grand Rapids) for music

We are looking forward to visiting family and friends in the mitten and are doubly excited that temps will be in the double digits. Have a great weekend!

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