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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I hadn’t been to Helen’s (2527 W Main St) in over 5 years. I remember loving the meal I had the first time and am so glad that I picked this restaurant to kick off Richmond Restaurant Week. The meal set the tone perfectly for a week of completely gorging amazing food.

Evan and I made a deal to order different things so we could share, but not much sharing went on. We both had favorite dishes that were more than memorable and went home so full that it was almost painful.

My favorite course was my entrée of skillet fried chicken with garlic and chive mashed potatoes and pan roasted brussels sprouts. I am no fried chicken connoisseur, but have been told by a Southern friend of mine that fried chicken isn’t really Southern fried chicken unless it is fried in a skillet. Helen’s did not disappoint.

Evan’s favorite course was his starter, a half-pound of steamed mussels in a broth with crispy string potatoes on top. I tasted a mussel and was completely won over by the garlic in the broth. I would have enjoyed dipping an entire loaf of French bread in that broth.

The rest of our dinner consisted of sweet and spicy corn soup, coffee spiced pork tenderloin, lavender crème brulee and chocolate Chambord mousse.

I am so glad that Helen’s opened up on a Monday in order to serve Restaurant Week groupies. One - down and three to go…

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  1. Just wanted to say that I just found your bloag and a lot of your favorite places seem to be the same as mine! And now I have a few more to try...I'm getting hungry! Thanks for sharing your reviews :)

  2. Becky!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Happy eating!