restaurant list

I am trying to keep track of the restaurants I have been to for eats or drinks...I am sure I have missed some.

Akida (814 North Robinson St)
Amici (3343 West Cary St)
Amuse (200 North Boulevard)
Arcadia (1700 E Main St)
Aziza's on Main (2110 E Main St)
Bacchus (2 North Meadow St)
Balliceaux (203 North Lombardy St)
Barrel Thief (5805 Patterson Ave)
Bellytimber (1404 W Main St)
Bev's Ice Cream (2911 W Cary St)
Blow Toad (2907 W Cary St)
The Blue Goat (5710 Grove Ave)
Burger Bach (10 S Thompson St)
Cafe Diem (600 North Sheppard St)
Can Can Brasserie (3120 West Cary St)
Capital Ale House (623 East Main St)
Carytown Burgers and Fries (3500 1/2 West Cary St)
The Continental Westhampton (5704 Grove Ave)
Cous Cous (900 West Franklin St)
Curbside (2525 Hanover Ave)
Don't Look Back (2929 W Cary St)
The Empress (2043 West Broad St) CLOSED
Ettamae's Cafe (552 N 2nd St) CLOSED
Fresca on Addison (22 South Addison St)
F.W. Sullivans (2401 West Main St)
Helen's (2527 W Main St)
Joe's Inn (205 N Shields Ave)
Julep's (1719 East Franklin St)
Kitchen 64 (3336 N Boulevard)
Lady N'Awlins (2329 West Main St)
Legend Brewery (321 West 7th St)
Lehja (11800 West Broad St)
Lemaire (101 West Franklin St)
Lu Lu's (21 North 17th St)
Lunch. (1213 Summit Lane)
The Magpie (1301 West Leigh St)
Mansion Five 26 (526 N 2nd St)
Mekong (6004 West Broad St)
Mexican Restaurant (6406 Horsepen Rd)
Mezzanine (3433 West Cary St)
The Mill (4023 MacArthur Ave)
Millies Diner (2603 E Main St)
The Mint (2501 W Main St)
Morton's Steakhouse (111 Virginia St)
Moshi Moshi (3321 West Cary St)
Olio (2001 W Main St)
On the Rox Bar and Grill (119 N 18th St)
Palani Drive (401 Libbie Ave)
Pasture (416 East Grace St)
Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe (5812 Grove Ave)
Peter Chang's (11424 W Broad St)
pie (214 N Lombardy St)
Plaza Azteca (6623 West Broad St)
Q Barbeque (1070 Virginia Center Pkwy)
The Roosevelt (623 North 25th St)
Royal India Express (2743 Hungary Spring Rd)
s@mple (1 N Morris St)
Sam Millers (1210 East Cary St)
Secco Wine Bar (2933 West Cary St)
Sette (7 North 23rd St)
Shindigz (5716 Patterson Ave)
Sidewalk Cafe (2101 W Main St)
Six Burner (1627 West Main St)
Station 2 (2016 East Main St)
Stella's (1012 Lafayette St)
Strange Matter (929 West Grace St)
Super Stars Pizza (5700 Patterson Ave)
Tarrant's Cafe (1 West Broad St)
Thai Cabin (corner of 10th and Main Sts)
Thai Diner (8059 West Broad St)
The Tobacco Company Restaurant (1201 East Cary St)
TJ's (101 West Franklin St)
Weezie's Kitchen (3123 West Cary St)
Xtra's Cafe (3322 West Cary St)